The Citycol group is a Brazilian enterprise, created in 1955, from a small sewing shop that sold its products directly to the final consumer. In these nearly 60 years, the Rio de Janeiro based company, has contributed to the development of the State, to the growth of its brand, the creation of jobs, and the spread of the Rio de Janeiro fashion to the entire country.

The mission that spearheaded the group since its inception remains the same, the participation on all apparel's production process, to offer quality clothing at fair prices eliminating intermediaries when possible. In order to produce 600 thousand items per month, we rely on our research and creative fashion teams. We produce 4 tons of fabric per day, dye the cloth, which follows to units of cutting and sewing. At the end of this supply chain our truck fleet distributes the items to the Citycol stores.

In order to have a fresh and complete assortment, to better serve the fashion oriented customers who express the Rio lifestyle, we acquire items that we don't make in the Brazilian and global markets.

High quality and fair pricing in service of fashion is the best description of the Citycol line in nearly 90 stores in Brazil.